How to buy good, young cars in Finland

Well-maintained cars from Drive Good

Are you looking for a 3-year-old car at good price? An ex-lease car could be the perfect choice to go for. Every sixth new vehicle is registered to leasing use in Finland. At the end of the lease car’s contract period, usually 3 or 4 years, the vehicle is returned to the leasing company. Drive Good is specialized in trading ex-lease cars in Finland.

We have recently launched a new car sales model, and it has already become very popular among consumers, entrepreneurs and corporate customers. Rent one month before you buy allows you  to first verify that the vehicle meets the requirements of your family in the every day life. The rent is only 390 € and includes the insurance and the fuel for 600 kilometers. The rent is charged only if the long test drive does not lead to a purchase.

Study our inventory here. Drive Good mostly trades ex-lease cars that have a well documented service history. The mileage varies from 50 to 150 thousand kilometers. A car from Drive Good is a safe purchase. An ex-lease car is also a perfect choice for an entrepreneur because its price usually contains value added tax (VAT 24%). It is deductible if the vehicle is for the company use only.

Drive Good is a dealer partner of Santander and LähiTapiola to offer car finance and full coverage insurances at very competitive rates. The insurance combined with the finance will usually cost significantly less than subscribed separately because the fee is not dependent on the drivers age or his/her lacking accident-free driving history in Finland.

In case you cannot find the perfect vehicle of your preference, please let us know that too. We can explore the retiring inventory of all the Finnish leasing companies to find you the best matching car.

We are located at Olarinluoma 13 in Espoo but we deliver cars to our customers further to the north too.

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Kommentoi ja voita Neste MY uusiutuva diesel -tankkauskortti (arvo 50 €)

Perustin yrityksen tuottamaan uusia palveluita luotettavaa, edullista perusautoa tarvitseville. Vaihtoleasingistä on tullut vuoden aikana erittäin suosittu malli autoilla ilman omistamisen murheita. Samoin mahdollisuus 30 päivän koeajoon ja kotiintoimitus on otettu vastaan hienosti. Kokeilen mielelläni uusia ideoita ja arvostan käyttäjien palautetta palvelun kehittämiseksi.